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The Latest Weight Loss Surgeries

Most of the side effects from weight reduction surgery are moderate, although all of the cosmetics operations have some risk. According to the FDA, over 90% of patients, who had the same moderately invasive lap band surgery that Chris Christie (the New Jersey Governor) disclosed he had in February, claimed they suffered at least one side effect. Nonetheless, the US Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Society monitors emerging weight reduction treatments; some that might eventually offer a realistic alternative to risky plastic surgery. Continue reading

Can Dieting Timing Impact Weight Loss?

It seems that every time a person turns around there is a new example of how best to plan your meals in order to lose weight. Where only a few years ago a mantra in the dieting game was to limit the intake of calories earlier in the day to prevent splurging, new research indicates that eating larger quantities of lunch early on in the day can assist in weight loss. This new research suggests that changing how you intake calories can be just as beneficial for losing weight as changing how many calories you consume each day. Continue reading

Epione Weight Loss Testimonial

Taken from Patients’ Testimonials.

When I meet Yolanda at Epione. I had been looking for someone who could help me for a long time. I have food allergies, was told I had Hyperglycemia, and was so frustrated. I have been working with Yolanda for 7 weeks and have already lost 11 pounds.

I can’t say enough about her program.

When I started the program I knew it was different.
I did not want a DIET. I wanted to loose weight by being educated on how to eat right.
Her program looks at you as an individual. The best thing is Yolanda goes above and beyond what anyone else would do. She is always available and she helps you address the real reason why you put the weight on. It is hard to loose weight with no support. With Yolanda you have that support. It is worth every penny and more!

No frozen pre-fixed meals, no pills that have side effects. Real ways to watch how you eat, find out why, and learn how to make smarter choices! That way, “I” can control keeping it off! I have more energy, feel more confident and am happy:) I have ten more pounds to go!! Oh and by the way, I was very adamant when I started that I did not want to workout. Anyone can workout 5 days a week, 2 hours a day and lose weight.

I wanted to see how much I could lose without working out. I have so much energy I want to work out!!! That’s the next step. If you have food allergies, Diabetes, or just want to lose weight I highly recommend working with Yolanda at Epione. You will not regret it!

Thanks Yolanda!

— Angela M

Big, Beautiful—and Breaking Out

Your weight can cause problems with acne.

Being a person of generous proportions can be a wonderful thing. You never have to worry about anyone seeing your ribs, you have a healthy appetite, and, if you happen to be a woman, you have curves that other women can only dream about. Unfortunately, you tend to be worse off when it comes to acne.

Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, sees patients in all shapes and sizes. He explains that “carrying extra weight can lead to several skin conditions.” Doctor Ourian contributed to this article and goes on to say: Here are some of these conditions and what you can do about them. Your diet may be high in fact and sugar. This means an increase in the amount of sebum (oil) in your skin and it will clog your pores. This, of course, leads to breakouts. The goal is to figure out how to get your skin to shed this oil, as opposed to having it stay on your skin. Changing your diet can help; eating meals higher in fiber and protein instead of fat and sugar can help your skin clear itself up. In the meantime, wash your skin regularly and use a cleanser designed for acne control. Pay attention to ones that have no soap or oil in them, otherwise you may find yourself breaking out due to dry skin.

As a large person, you may also notice that you sweat more than your skinnier counterparts. This is mainly due to the fact that you generate more body heat than they do with a lot less effort; great on a freezing cold day, but very irritating on boiling hot ones. This sweat, coupled with the oil mentioned above, can also clog your pores and lead to acne. There a very simple way to deal with this. Again, wash your skin regularly. Removing the sweat will keep it from causing breakouts and will also keep you smelling fresh and clean.

The healthiest way to handle all of these skin problems is to lose the weight one way or another. Along with the previously mentioned change in your diet, an exercise program is a great way to burn those calories. You don’t have to do anything overly strenuous to begin with. A walk around the block is the perfect beginning. As you notice your stamina improving, gradually work your way up to more strenuous activity. And do your exercise with a friend or at the very least an iPod, to keep yourself motivated. The best bonus of all is that not only will you notice a change in your skin, but a change in your overall health as well. You will find yourself with more energy and, in the long run, a longer life span. Of course, before you start any type of exercise or diet regime, check with your doctor to make sure it will work for you. At Epione we offer nutritional counseling and a weight loss program for our patients. The weight loss will result in clearer skin and an even more wonderful you.