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The Latest Cellulite Treatment Technology

Nothing is quite as frightening as that dimpled orange peel skin at the back of one’s thighs. Unfortunately, 90 percent of all women suffer cellulite, and it almost always boils down to genetics. While it is fairly comforting to note that no woman is alone in the never-ending battle against cellulite, the truth is that almost every single lady out there feels some form of embarrassment over her dappled skin. Whether it is on the thighs, bottom, stomach or upper arm, cellulite is something every woman wants desperately to get rid of. A large portion of the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry is dedicated to battling the problem. The question remains: Which is the best treatment and does it eliminate cellulite completely? Continue reading

Non-Surgical Lipo – The Latest Fat Busting Technology

There are a wide variety of different cosmetics procedures that a person seeking fat reduction can undergo. Bariatric surgery, liposuction, laser fat reduction, ultrasound, and cryotherapy that freezes one’s fat away have been popular methods of reducing fat. Until now, however there was no way to effectively get quality fat reduction from a cosmetic operation without pain or extensive. A new treatment, however, may be the fat-buster that countless people are hoping for. The Vanquish device, manufactured by BTL Aesthetics in Massachusetts, seeks to eliminate excess quantities of body fat by using radio frequencies to eliminate the bulk carried around in the midsection and thighs without harming (or even touching) a patient’s body. Continue reading

No Anthesthesia Necessary! At Epione, Cellulite Surrenders Without Surgery!

A question that gets asked regularly is, ‘What am I going to do about my cellulite”? At Epione, we have the solution. It’s a revolutionary treatment called OptiLipo, which combines mesotherapy and ultrasound acoustic waves that selectively break down fat cells and flush them away. A series of treatments may be necessary, but the best news is that results may be permanent if a patient remains the same weight after treatment? All without a single incision!