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Skin Safety – The Link Between Tanning Booths and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a major problem. Though largely preventable, few individuals take the time to pursue the measures necessary to avoid risky situations. As researchers spend more time looking in to this form of cancer, they are able to better determine which activities are likely to lead to greater chances for the development of skin cancer. While everything from cosmetics to driving can be linked in one way or another, the use of tanning beds has been shown to be one of the activities with the greatest risk of causing skin cancer. Continue reading

Skin Care – How to Treat a Sunburn

Tanned BeautyMost people enjoy the onset of summer and tend to forget about skin care while lying in the sun for an entire day at the beach. The ensuing sunburn can be a nightmare, as skin becomes red and itchy and it becomes impossible to resist the urge to scratch. For some people, the skin becomes scaly, catalyzing the wrinkling process.

So, what is to be done when one starts to get sunburns? With ibuprofen tablets and hydrocortisone cream, sunburns can disappear in a few days. Here are common ways of treating sunburns: Continue reading

Are UV Rays Addictive?

tanning on the beachEven though sun damage is dangerous, people consistently decide to turn to tanning beds for a bronzed appearance. There are a great number of skin care products that line store shelves. Cosmetics, including bronzers, have been created to achieve a sun kissed look without the damaging effects. Recent times have also seen a growing trend toward pale skin as well. Despite these facts, a great number of people cannot get out of the tanning habit. This is because UV rays may be addictive. Continue reading

FDA Proposes Cancer Warning Signs at Tanning Salons

tanning bedTanning salons are establishments that provide services that enable people to acquire a tan while indoors. Generally, they have a number of beds where people lie for a specific time to progressively tan the skin. Normally, for an individual to accomplish the longed for tan, they must attend sessions for a number of weeks or a number of months and to continue keeping the tanned skin, they must attend regular tanning sessions. Continue reading

The Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ Learns Safe Tanning Tips and Secrets from Epione Beverly Hills

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — What’s the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” doing when they’re not partying, fist-pumping, or fighting? Getting a tan, of course.

This month, during the KIIS FM pool party at the Hollywood Tower, Dr. Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, met up with Angelina, DJ Pauly D, JWOWW, Ronnie, Sammi, Snooki, Vinny and The Situation. Dr. Ourian’s staff provide spray tans for Jenni (J-WOWW), Vinny and Mike (The Situation). Later, the rest of the cast discussed proprietary spray tan formulation with Dr. Ourian and got spray tan tips from the Beverly Hills’ tan master.
Continue reading