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Stretch Mark Surgery

People often complain about stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually seen on areas like thighs, upper arms, buttocks and abdomen. They are mostly seen in women after their pregnancy. However, women alone are not affected. Other causes for stretch marks in men and women both are rapid weight loss or weight gain. Stretch mark surgery is increasingly becoming common among the people. The reason is, of course, the need to have a flawless skin. There are many ways how stretch mark surgery can give you a simple and plain skin. Continue reading

Tummy Tuck-A Road to a Prettier Abdomen

Weight loss after weight gain or pregnancy can ruin the abdominal contours that were once so admired. Those pretty curves that were so enticing to look at every time a woman would sport a blouse are no longer there for her. The loose abdomen overtime gets problematic. She thinks she can fix it with dietary modifications and exercise. Yet, she can only do so much without use. The only sure fire way of restoring abdominal contours is Tummy Tuck. After undergoing corrective surgery, the woman will notice a big difference after Tummy Tuck surgical maneuver. The pictures before and after Tummy Tuck never lie. Continue reading

The return of perfect skin

In its optimum state, our skin shields us from the elements in the form of a living, seamless robe. But trauma, such as rapid stretching of the epidermis during growth or weight-gain, or increased blood volume within the delicate blood vessels just beneath the dermis, may cause this exquisite, living fabric to seem less than flawless. Common conditions such as stretch marks and spider veins may become the focus of unwelcome attention.

Simon Ourian, M.D., a leader in non-invasive skin therapies, says, “It’s all about the integrity of the skin. Integrity literally means that all of the elements join together to form a cohesive whole. When there is trauma, we experience disintegration—some of the elements separate, and we lose the original unity. My practice is dedicated to restoring the integrity of the skin, by allowing it to heal and balance itself.”

Although stretch marks and spider veins are purely cosmetic complaints, causing no risk to the health of the individual, Dr. Ourian comments that modern technology now makes it possible for individuals to enjoy flawless skin with virtually painless, non-intrusive therapies. Inspired to correct these and other common conditions, Dr. Ourian developed the revolutionary Coolbeam laser technique, which addresses the superficial surface distress of stretch marks and the Bluelight laser to address thread-like, blue or red congestion of telangiectasias, or spider veins.

The Bluelight laser pulses light through the skin to the blood vessel, raising its internal temperature and safely coagulating it. Over time, the treated vessel fades and slowly disappears. This approach is especially well-suited for treating acne rosacea, a vascular-based disorder which currently is an increasing phenomenon among American adults.

Dr. Ourian’s Bluelight laser technique also may be the ideal treatment for the vascular distress which may develop in response to sun exposure, cold, or other environmental factors. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation may also result in persistent flushing of the face which may be safely addressed by laser therapy. For the treatment of larger varicose veins which may become visible as the result of pregnancy, obesity or years of a sedentary lifestyle, Dr. Ourian may recommend sclerotherapy or treatment by venous injection.

This technique utilizes a superfine needle to administer a compound which safely closes off the vessel, eventually making it invisible to the naked eye. Stretch marks may appear as the result of pregnancy or other sudden weight gain, as well as other growth factors, and affects men and teens as well as expectant moms. Initially, the stretch marks appear red, and are best treated as early in their appearance as possible for optimum results.

Later, stretch marks turn silvery or white, and become less responsive to treatment. However, laser treatment still may be successful for diminishing this condition commonly found on the soft tissue of the bust line, tummy, torso and upper arms. Once the damaged skin is removed, new skin quickly grows in its place. The Coolbeam laser, combined with a device that simultaneously cools the skin, makes the treatment far more comfortable than earlier laser procedures.

“Keeping the skin vital and refreshed is absolutely an option for everyone, at every age, ” says Dr. Ourian. “Our human skin truly is a wonder, and we are dedicated to preserving its health, its integrity, and its beauty through the most advanced technologies and treatments available in the world of medicine today.”

Stretch Marks: Understanding The Options You Have

The cause of stretch marks is not entirely understood, but generally stretch marks appear during periods of rapid growth, weight gain, or pregnancy which indicates that when areas of skin are put under increased pressure these stretch marks are a common result. Some people seem to be much more prone to stretch marks than others, and this couple with a history of stretch marks in a family indicates that there is a genetic factor to stretch marks. For practical purposes, a stretch mark is similar in nature to scar tissue, and can be treated in many of the same ways with the same cosmetic procedures.

Stretch marks do not generally pose any sort of health risk, and you should consider this before opting for any cosmetic procedures to reduce or remove your stretch marks. If you do wish to go forward with a cosmetic procedure to remove or reduce your stretch marks you should know that there are a wide variety of options available to you. Depending on the severity of your stretch marks you may opt for more or less invasive procedures to deal with your conditions. Many stretch marks will fade over time, and require little or no treatment. For this reason you may want to wait for a certain amount of time before you choose to undergo a cosmetic procedure to deal with your stretch marks.

Minor stretch marks are often treated with topical creams that can reduce the appearance of a stretch mark to a negligible level. Modern advances in medical technology particularly involving the development of laser technology have created a myriad of more intensive options for dealing with more severe stretch marks, laser treatment may be appropriate for you depending on the severity of your stretch marks. Simon Ourian MD, is the Medical Director of Epione Medical Corporation of Los Angeles, and has revolutionized the treatment of stretch marks with the development of Coolbeam Laser Treatments.

The best way to determine if you would be a good candidate for a cosmetic procedure to address your stretch marks is to educate yourself about available treatment options. By doing so you will be able to compare your stretch marks to those of other people who have undergone cosmetic procedures. This should give you a good idea about the limitations and benefits of the different treatment options that you have available. Most importantly you will be able to have realistic and reasonable expectations of the sort of results that various cosmetic procedures will achieve for you.

Once you have taken steps to educate yourself about the different options available you should then make an effort to speak with a doctor so that you can have any remaining concerns and questions addressed. A doctor will also be able to help you determine what if any sort of cosmetic procedure would be appropriate for you depending on the condition of your stretch marks. Costs and time expenditure will vary depending on which option you select for treating your stretch marks, but most laser treatments take between 15 minutes an and hour, and you can generally return home immediately afterwards.

Stretch marks are a thing of the past with new non-invasive procedure

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, October 18, 2010 – Unsightly stretch marks no longer have to be something you just cover up, thanks to a groundbreaking procedure developed by Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical in Beverly Hills. The procedure has already restored beautiful skin to scores of patients in what is a quick, relatively painless and non-invasive procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis.

Initial results have shown that in many cases, Dr. Ourian’s new Coolbeam technology is more effective than dubious and inconsistent over-the-counter creams and much easier and accomplished with less pain than other treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Coolbeam is a specialized laser treatment with cooling that is designed to trigger the growth of new collagen that restores the skin’s original elasticity.
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CoolFractional Laser Resurfacing: The New Face of Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery

beautiful modelLaser skin resurfacing has been a popular method of repairing and rejuvenating damaged skin for a number of years however; some patients have chosen to avoid this procedure due to the long and difficult recovery periods associated with CO2 laser treatments. Now, thanks to new advancements in laser technology, clients may enjoy the same effective results here in Los Angeles and across the world, with little or no recovery time. Epione Medical Corporation of Beverly Hills, CA now offers CoolFractional Laser resurfacing, considered a safe and effective method for skin rejuvenation. Continue reading

Achieve Hollywood Glamour with Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

model having a sunbathLOS ANGELES, Calif. — In recent years, many of the world’s most glamorous female celebrities have begun to open up about using non-surgical aesthetic procedures to maintain their youthful, close-up-ready appearances. From Sex and the City 2’s Kim Cattrall, to Brooke Shields, Courtney Cox and Vanessa Williams, the women of Hollywood have discovered the benefits of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and are using them to effectively fight the signs of aging and preserve their enviable appearances.

“All women, from celebrities to high-powered attorneys, to teachers and stay-at-home-moms, desire to look their best, ” said Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director. “You don’t have to look at Hollywood celebrities in magazines and on television with envy. The same treatments and procedures they use to maintain and enhance their beauty are available to women everywhere.”
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New Treatment at Epione Yields Youthful Looking Hands

March 17, 2009, Beverly Hills, California — No area of the body gives away a person’s age more easily than the hands. As one age’s, so does the appearance of one’s hands. Epione Beverly Hills is now employing the latest innovation in cosmetic dermatology to address this issue. The combination of Coolaser and the dermal filler Radiesse offers patients the prospect of younger looking hands.
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Stretch Mark Removal – Gone For Good?

Stretch marks are something that plagues both men and women. No one likes going to the beach and realizing that those silvery, white, red or light brown (depending on your skin color) thin lines are there, especially when they appear on your belly or buttocks. Where do stretch marks come from and how do you get rid of them? Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, can give you all of that information and more.

Doctor Ourian explains, “The underlying layer of the skin is called the dermis; a stretch mark occurs when there is a breakdown is elastin and collagen fibers that make up the dermis. In effect, stretch marks are a type of scar.”

Stretch marks can happen for many different reasons as well—weight loss, a growth spurt, pregnancy, or even working out in the gym. “In my practice, “ says Doctor Ourian, “the most common causes of stretch marks that I treat are weight loss and pregnancy. Stretch marks are a particular concern for lap band and bariatric surgery recipients.”

The best time to treat stretch marks is when they first appear, but older marks can be treated too. The latter usually takes more time, however, before results are visible. Doctor Ourian goes on to explain that “there are several different ways to address stretch marks but in my opinion, the Coolbeam is the most effective treatment available. There’s no shortage of creams and magic potions available, most of which, in my opinion, are worthless. We compound a prescription strength cream in my office that is available only to my patients and that I have them use in conjunction with Coolbeam.”

Doctor Ourian continues, “I find that microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels are too superficial and the results minimal. At the opposite end of the spectrum is surgery, a serious undertaking with all its attendant potential complications including infection and necrosis and the additional risks associated with general anesthesia.

Coolbeam is a treatment that uses a laser to treat the skin that is affected by stretch marks. Once treated, new smooth skin grows to take its place. “The idea for the Coolbeam was purely a fortuitous accident, “ says Doctor Ourian. “While treating scars on the body I noticed that the laser was also effectively treating both red and white stretch marks. I believe that the Coolbeam achieves results superior to other modalities and lasers.”

Top Stretch Mark Treatment

Beverly Hills cosmetic Dermatologist Doctor Simon Ourian believes that the Coolbeam treatment he developed is the most effective treatment he knows to deal with stretch marks, an embarrassing affliction that affects both men and women.

May 04, 2009 — Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, located in the exclusive shopping, restaurant and hotel enclave in Los Angeles, California treats stretch marks every day. “It might be the number one complaint of my patients, ” says Doctor Ourian.

Doctor Ourian continues, “The causes of stretch marks are many. The stretch marks I see in my practice are typically the result of massive weight loss or pregnancy. The popularity of bariatric surgeries has created an entirely new set of stretch marks patients. It stands to reason that a weight loss of one hundred pounds or more will impact the skin. These patients are as likely to be men as women.”

“Less commonly, I’ve also treated men who developed stretch marks after bulking up in the gym. Stretch marks can appear nearly anywhere on the body but especially on the thighs, hips, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and arms.”

Stretch marks are also known as striae atrophica or striae distensae which means irregular areas of skin that look like bands, stripes or lines. These bands, stripes or lines typically appear as red, thinned skin and may turn whitish over time. A stretch mark occurs when there is a breakdown in the elastin and collagen fibers that make up the dermis, the underlying layer of the skin.

Doctor Ourian goes on to explain the main categories of stretch mark removal methods:

  1. Creams: “Creams can play an important role in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. In fact, I’ve developed a prescription strength cream just for this purpose that available only to my patients. But the cream is only part of the treatment that I recommend. Department stores shelves are filled with expensive creams that, in my opinion, have little effect. And, of course, the internet is awash in “miracle creams.” If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”
  2. Surgery: “The main goal of a tummy tuck is the elimination of excess skin, the most common side effect of the type of massive weight loss I mentioned earlier. A secondary benefit of the removal of skin is the elimination of any stretch marks that were on that skin. A tummy tuck is a serious surgical procedure with all its attendant risks and costs. And it is not an appropriate solution for the many patients that suffer from stretch marks but do not have excess skin.”
  3. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion: “To me, these procedures deal with only the outermost layers of the skin and are simply not effective for most stretch marks.”
  4. Laser treatments: “This, in my opinion, is the most effective type of stretch mark removal in terms of results and cost. The idea for the Coolbeam was purely serendipitous; I was using lasers to treat scars on the body when I noticed that the laser was also effectively treating both white and red stretch marks. I’ve spent more than five years refining the Coolbeam treatment from that point. I believe that the Coolbeam achieves results superior to other modalities and lasers.”

According to Doctor Ourian “Most patient report that a Coolbeam session isn’t painful, though of course, everyone’s pain threshold is different. I can prescribe a topical anesthetic cream to help alleviate any discomfort if a patient is very sensitive to pain.”

“I have been practicing as a cosmetic Dermatologist for more than ten years, ” concludes Doctor Ourian, “and I believe that the Coolbeam offers the best and most cost-effective results for the treatment of stretch marks. Despite what you see on TV or read online, no skin care product or miracle cream is likely to give you the results you want.”