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Stem Cell Facelifts

As many women enter their forties, they begin to notice their facial features becoming gaunt and older looking. Traditionally, face-lifts have been popular for those not happy with the visual signs of aging. However, a new minimally invasive procedure, called the stem-cell face-lift claims to plump the skin and restore a youthful, full look to one’s face. Continue reading

Stem Cells Skin Care

Finding great skin care products can be more difficult than most people realize. There is a new treatment on the market; tailor made for its customers, and it is something that cannot be found in the cosmetics aisle. It uses autologous fat cells to create customer specific skin care products.

Stem cells have long been used to help cancer patients and stimulate growth of cells, and even organs. Many parents are choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood for the potential use of stem cells later in life, if necessary for health reasons of the baby or other family members. Continue reading

Stem Cells and Skin Care

The more that scientists look into the depth DNA of stem cells, the more regenerative properties it seems they are able to provide. Though politicians have endlessly debated the ethics of using these “blank template” cells to create new tissues and organs, the cosmetics industry has immediately jumped into research and development of skin care products involving stem cells that promise the user to enjoy the same quality of skin that they had decades ago. Cosmetics companies have long been quick to jump in and tap into new scientific breakthroughs; botulinium toxin having been first used to treat spasms in facial muscles. Therefore, it is not surprising that the same businesses are seizing the opportunity to harness these cells. Continue reading

3D Printer Creates Embryonic Stem Cells

Two marvelous advances in technology and medicine have met and the possibilities are endless. The 3D printer has suggested that it may soon be possible to produce nearly any object by just pressing a key on your computer keyboard. Stem cells offer doctors and medical researchers the opportunity to generate nearly any cell or organ in the human body with just a microscopic initial sample. Together, these two breakthroughs may make human life longer and easier. Continue reading

Stem Cells Show Potential as Anti-Aging Treatment

Endless possibilities

It may sound like something from the annals of Ray Bradbury fiction, but frozen stem cell treatment for cosmetic enhancement is very real. In fact, there are some researchers who claim that stem cell treatment can reduce the appearance of aging and improve skin quality. Stem cells can be gathered from a patient’s adipose tissue and applied to another area of the body. There are even some scientists who cryogenically store the cells for preservation and future application. Continue reading

Facelifts Via Stem Cell

Stem cells have created controversy since they were first discovered. Scientists are still on the lookout for ways to use them, and the cosmetic surgery industry is no exception. The company NeoStem has thrown its gauntlet into the ring by applying for a patent for stem cell face lifts. According to NeoStem these pluripotent (able to grow into any type of cell) cells are injected into the face. As they grow, they reduce signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging, and encourage cell growth and regeneration. The skin becomes plumper and better toned over treatments.

The best part about the procedure is that stem cell facelifts are not major surgery. Healing time is only a fraction of what is needed for a traditional facelift. The patient is simply give a local anesthetic, and the injections are administered to the problem areas. Soon enough, the patient is on their way. The speed and efficiency of the process will be enough to make it very popular.

L’Oreal and its scientists are currently researching stem cells and their effects on the aging process. Their hope is to figure out how stem cells help regenerate the skin. If they reach their goal, they will have made huge strides in determining how that knowledge can be used for anti aging products. They are hoping to make their mark in the anti aging market soon.