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Beauty at the Extremes

Depending on the type of change one desires in their appearance, there is a wide range of treatment options available. From cosmetics with nourishing ingredients to exotic beauty treatments and plastic surgery, to find the one that can get you the best results, make sure you consult a qualified, certified, experienced and skilled physician. Continue reading

State of the Art Acne Scar Treatments

young woman with no acne scarBeverly Hills – Did you suffer from acne when you were younger? Although you may not have acne anymore, do you still have scarring from that adolescent misfortune? If you’re like thousands of fellow acne sufferers, you probably do. The reason these scars are so difficult to get rid of is the nature of acne itself. Each pimple is a tiny infection that can deeply scar your skin tissue. Because the face is much more sensitive than other areas of the body, the redness of the scars can stand out for many years to come. Some acne scars can only able to be concealed using extra heavy foundation, and even that sometimes doesn’t do enough.
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