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Skin Care – Sunscreen Questions Answered

Epione sunblockWith constant advertising and claims surrounding sunscreen, it can be difficult to know what information is accurate and which claims are false. Understanding the truth is critical to skin care and can help prevent melanoma and other problems associated with sun exposure. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions that will help make sunscreen decisions easier to make and time spent in the sun safer. Continue reading

Martha Stewart – Botox and Juvéderm

Celebrities are known for their beauty, even into old age. Aside from plastic surgery, most stars follow a particular beauty routine in order to maintain their appearance. For example, Martha Stewart has recently revealed how she has managed to look and feel good, even at age 71. Continue reading

The Latest Beauty Innovations

The world of beauty products, skincare and cosmetics is always evolving and changing to cater to patients that have been searching high and low for something that enhances their looks and skin as they age. From wrinkle defense to treatments and makeup with all sorts of new technology, there is a constant stream of products with miracle-working properties that will become must-haves in a woman’s beauty collection. Continue reading

Stem Cells Skin Care

Finding great skin care products can be more difficult than most people realize. There is a new treatment on the market; tailor made for its customers, and it is something that cannot be found in the cosmetics aisle. It uses autologous fat cells to create customer specific skin care products.

Stem cells have long been used to help cancer patients and stimulate growth of cells, and even organs. Many parents are choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood for the potential use of stem cells later in life, if necessary for health reasons of the baby or other family members. Continue reading

Stem Cells and Skin Care

The more that scientists look into the depth DNA of stem cells, the more regenerative properties it seems they are able to provide. Though politicians have endlessly debated the ethics of using these “blank template” cells to create new tissues and organs, the cosmetics industry has immediately jumped into research and development of skin care products involving stem cells that promise the user to enjoy the same quality of skin that they had decades ago. Cosmetics companies have long been quick to jump in and tap into new scientific breakthroughs; botulinium toxin having been first used to treat spasms in facial muscles. Therefore, it is not surprising that the same businesses are seizing the opportunity to harness these cells. Continue reading

Exercise Induced Skin Problems

Exercise can cause many skin problems. When a person participates in outdoor activity, this can lead to sun damage. There are numerous cosmetic treatments available that can alleviate the spots and wrinkles associated with the problem.

Proper skin care is essential if one wants to stay healthy and retain a youthful appearance. Skin that is repeatedly exposed to the sun and other elements will not only appear dry and become wrinkled and unsightly; it can become the perfect target for toxins and carcinogens. Add the use of cosmetics or the wrong skin care products, and the results can be deadly. Continue reading

Dr. Simon Ourian Appears on ShopNBC

Unsatisfied with the results offered by the skin care products available, Dr. Ourian decided to create a skin care line of his own. Originally available only by prescription to his Beverly Hills clientele, the line was expanded to include cosmeceutical available over-the-counter. Dr. Ourian’s products are unsurpassed in effectiveness and quality, created using the latest cutting edge technology. Continue reading