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Skin Safety – The Link Between Tanning Booths and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a major problem. Though largely preventable, few individuals take the time to pursue the measures necessary to avoid risky situations. As researchers spend more time looking in to this form of cancer, they are able to better determine which activities are likely to lead to greater chances for the development of skin cancer. While everything from cosmetics to driving can be linked in one way or another, the use of tanning beds has been shown to be one of the activities with the greatest risk of causing skin cancer. Continue reading

A Guide to Skin Protection

tanningPeople tend to frequent the parks right after winter to get a feel of the warm sun that comes with spring. Although many people enjoy the end of winter, to some, it is the beginning of another journey. There are some people whose relationship with the sun changes when they have to use sunscreen lotion all over their bodies to protect their skin from ultra violet rays.

It is not just a few people whose skin is susceptible to sun burns that have to glow from head to toe, but everybody who cares about their skin and wants to prevent cancer. A number of people schedule routine visits to Dermatologists and find that everything is okay, until that dreadful moment when they find out that a sample patch from their skin tested positive for Melanoma. Continue reading

FDA Proposes Cancer Warning Signs at Tanning Salons

tanning bedTanning salons are establishments that provide services that enable people to acquire a tan while indoors. Generally, they have a number of beds where people lie for a specific time to progressively tan the skin. Normally, for an individual to accomplish the longed for tan, they must attend sessions for a number of weeks or a number of months and to continue keeping the tanned skin, they must attend regular tanning sessions. Continue reading