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Cellulite Removal: Know The Facts

cellulite removedCellulite is the name usually given to describe superficial deposits of fat under the skin, which may cause dimpling or “cottage cheese” skin. Almost all women past puberty will experience some amount of cellulite, and some men, though the condition is rarer for them. Cellulite is not necessarily related to obesity or poor health as even women with a healthy amount of body fat may still experience cellulite deposits. As a result it is not uncommon for women of a broad range of ages and body types to seek cellulite removal.
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Cellulite removal with the breakthrough OptiLipo system

Cellulite RemovalBEVERLY HILLS, CA, November 9, 2010 — Nine out of ten women suffer from cellulite, and labor in the seemingly-difficult chore of its removal. However, the removal of cellulite is no longer such a mystery, thanks to a groundbreaking new cellulite treatment regimen developed by Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical in Beverly Hills.

The treatment combines Trans-dermal Acoustic Therapy (TAT) with Dr. Ourian’s distinct OptiLipo system. The result is a non-invasive cellulite treatment regimen which has helped many patients to begin changing the tide in what is for most women a lifelong battle against cellulite. OptiLipo, combined with TAT treatments, results in a visible firming and smoothing of the skin and improved skin texture and elasticity. Continue reading