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How Celebrities Plan for the Oscars

Most Hollywood celebrities try their best to look beautiful even when they are out of the spotlight, so imagine the effort that goes into making them red-carpet ready for big events such as the Oscars. On a night when thousands of stars from around the globe converge on a single spot on the planet, every celebrity wants to be at his or her most beautiful and resplendent. Here is a look at how well planned and orchestrated the beauty routines and fitness procedures are months before a special event. Continue reading

Los Angeles Facelift

The goal of the Los Angeles facelift is to produce the most attractive and youthful appearance possible, while still looking natural. The three “R’s” is the perfect answer to an aging face: relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. To achieve this look, you will want to select a surgeon that specializes in facial surgery, and has extensive skill in the procedure you are seeking. Continue reading