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Celebrity Plastic Surgery – How Accepting are Americans of Public Figures Having Plastic Surgery?

Millions of men and women go under the knife each year in order to gain a trimmer figure, younger-looking skin, or a tightening of wrinkles. The cosmetics industry has never been stronger, yet some people may believe that plastic surgery should only be reserved for celebrities. This question may come to the forefront in the near future due to the political certainty of a woman – likely Hillary Clinton, but possibly another high-stature female politician – running for office. Will the public judge a woman of such status on the basis of having cosmetic surgery? Continue reading

Post-Mastectomy Breast Augmentation Options

post-mastectomy breast augmentationBreast cancer has always meant serious consequences for women. Advances in medicine have not only helped women treat this cancer effectively, they have also allowed them to identify its likelihood in the future. Unfortunately, the primary solution to this issue has usually been a mastectomy. Continue reading