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Epione Offers Lip Augmentation for Valentine’s Day

lip enhancementSpring has almost sprung and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There really is no better time to plump up those lips. Lip enhancement is something that one should definitely take advantage of — particularly when we have any plans of puckering up a pair of luscious lips in time for the season of romance. Full lips are a mark of desirability. A youthful pout is a fabulous way to make people feel absolutely gorgeous. A positive self-image is the best way to gain that radiant glow that people yearn for. Continue reading

Laser Lip Treatment

Why do people get lip enhancement? Well, for a very basic reason: because our lips start to get thinner and smaller with age and they don’t seem to be where or how they should be. Yet, lip enhancement is as much popular in young people as it is in older ones. Luscious, pouty lips are the symbol of modern day beauty. Among all the other lip enhancement treatments, Laser Lip treatment is getting equally favorable among the celebrities as well other common people. Several other options for lip enhancement surgeries are also available but laser is safer, more reliable and it lasts much longer. Continue reading

Fat transfer to face – Get Those Luscious Lips You Always Dreamed About

Fat transfer to the face? Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? I mean why would anyone want to get fat transferred to their face? Well believe it or not fat transfer to the face is now a fairly routine procedure that many adults opt for. Fat transfer to the face is done in order to fill up lips and general depressions on the face. Did you always fantasize about having luscious full lips like Angelina Jolie? Yes? Well then a fat transfer to the face is what you need. Continue reading

Would You Like To Get Fuller Lips?

Many people are born with thin lips, while others find that as they age their once fuller lips seem to deflate with the passing of time. These conditions have resulted in many people seeking treatment to get fuller lips. The most popular option to get fuller lips is the use of one of several injectable fillers. By educating yourself online you can learn about the various types of injectable fillers and by speaking with a doctor you can have any remaining concerns addressed. This article should serve only as a basic overview of options you have available to get fuller lips.

At a most basic level lip augmentation is the enlargement of one or both of the lips through the use of either a cosmetic facial filler, a transfer of fat, or in some cases lip implants. This article will concern itself primarily with the multitude of fillers available.

Human based collagen treatments are a popular option as they are derived from naturally occurring substance in the body, and are, as a result, less likely to cause negative side effects in your effort to get fuller lips. Human based collagen fillers are compatible with your body, but as a result will naturally be absorbed with your body over time meaning that in order to get fuller lips you will have to return for treatments multiple times. It is important to note that when you opt for a human based collagen injection the target lip area is typically overfilled initially. This is because a large amount of collagen will be absorbed in a short period of time following the injection and you should be prepared for your lips to appear swollen. However, if you elect to continue with collagen treatments over time, you can expect more and more of the collagen to remain in the lip area and not be absorbed which will help you get fuller lips for longer lasting periods of time. You may also opt for a bovine based collagen injection which is generally safe, but requires an allergy test.

Hyaluronic acid derived lip augmentation has become an increasingly popular method to get fuller lips. It is also derived from a substance that occurs naturally in the body and has a low risk of negative side effects as a result. Hyaluronic acid also has the advantage of lasting longer than collagen injections and has properties that can actually improve the health of the lips by promoting the flow of moisture and nutrients to the tissue that it is in contact with.

A fat transfer augmentation uses fat from another part of your own body and as a result has one of the lowest risks associated with any injectable filler. Different techniques are employed to transfer the fat and the length of the effect will depend on the technique employed so discuss these options with your doctor when you are looking to get fuller lips.

Generally lip augmentation has a low risk of side effects most commonly including swelling and discomfort in the injection location that usually passes in a short amount of time. You should speak to a doctor to get a full understanding of the risks and limitations of any procedure you find appealing.

Successful Method of Developing Full Lips

Los Angeles LipsLips have always been a part of beauty in some form. The women of ancient Mesopotamia were the first to create a form of lipstick, using semiprecious jewels to decorate their mouths and eyes. In the much more recent past, full lips became popular in the 1990s, while thin ones were glamorized in the 1980s. Today, we have a more natural look: not too full, but not too thin. Since fashion changes regularly, a decision about lip enhancement should be made carefully, and it should be temporary in nature. No one wants to be caught wearing last year’s style, whether it be jeans, hair or lip size.

There are usually two types of patients who ask for lip enhancement. The younger patient wants to play up what they already have in the way of a slightly full bottom lip. This can be done by filling out the border of the lip, also know as a vermilion border augmentation. People with attractive lips naturally lack a defined lip border; the treatment is designed to mimic this trait. However, if someone’s lip border is overly defined, it can be a sign of badly done lip augmentation.
Dr Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, is a leading provider of Radiesse and Botox in the area. “To create a more natural and attractive looking lip augmentation, it is important to inject the filler (Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm) into the red part of the lip—the part that is naturally larger in people with attractive lips.” he notes. His innovative technique using micro droplet injections ensures natural results. This technique allows Dr. Ourian to control exactly how much filler is injected into the area at all times. Everyone wants sexy, sensual lips, but no one wants them to look “store bought”. With Dr. Ourian’s technique, the patient gets natural looking lips every time.

In the second group of lip augmentation patients, we have older men and women who want their lips looking like they did in their younger days. As people age, the collagen in the lips starts to deteriorate, leading to a thinner mouth. The Cupid’s bow begins to flatten out for the same reason. The corners of the mouth begin to point downward, causing a sad look, and vertical lines start to appear. There can be multiple reasons that the client is suffering from the appearance of aging; the treating doctor must determine exactly what is causing the client to look older and treat each symptom individually. This information should be passed on to the patient during the initial consultation, and all questions should be answered as well. If the doctor is doing neither of these, then more research should be done and another physician should be chosen immediately.