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Plastic Surgery – What Consumers Need to Know to Protect Themselves

A Tennessee woman visited a medspa to purchase some makeup, however she could not turn down the offer of a free laser facial consultation. Unfortunately for her, this spur of the moment decision was destined to impact on her life in a cruel way. Included in the consultation was a complimentary spider vein laser treatment. This persuaded the woman to opt for a full facial. However, the forty-two year old woke up the following morning to find that she had second-degree burns on her face. Continue reading

Treating Enlarged Pores

enlarged poresA number of individuals wrestle with what seems to be an endless onslaught of grease on their chin, nose and cheeks, which never fails to deliver a sheen that is deeply unflattering. This can last from the onset of puberty to the mid-30s and even beyond. However, it has been written that the excess moisture would pay off at a certain age with dewy-skinned suppleness, while individuals who had the fortune of having a face that was pimple-free and matted would end up being reminiscent of cheap linen because of premature wrinkles. What are left however, are visibly enlarged pores. Continue reading

The Latest Cellulite Treatment Technology

Nothing is quite as frightening as that dimpled orange peel skin at the back of one’s thighs. Unfortunately, 90 percent of all women suffer cellulite, and it almost always boils down to genetics. While it is fairly comforting to note that no woman is alone in the never-ending battle against cellulite, the truth is that almost every single lady out there feels some form of embarrassment over her dappled skin. Whether it is on the thighs, bottom, stomach or upper arm, cellulite is something every woman wants desperately to get rid of. A large portion of the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry is dedicated to battling the problem. The question remains: Which is the best treatment and does it eliminate cellulite completely? Continue reading

The Latest Beauty Innovations

The world of beauty products, skincare and cosmetics is always evolving and changing to cater to patients that have been searching high and low for something that enhances their looks and skin as they age. From wrinkle defense to treatments and makeup with all sorts of new technology, there is a constant stream of products with miracle-working properties that will become must-haves in a woman’s beauty collection. Continue reading

Epione Offers Lip Augmentation for Valentine’s Day

lip enhancementSpring has almost sprung and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There really is no better time to plump up those lips. Lip enhancement is something that one should definitely take advantage of — particularly when we have any plans of puckering up a pair of luscious lips in time for the season of romance. Full lips are a mark of desirability. A youthful pout is a fabulous way to make people feel absolutely gorgeous. A positive self-image is the best way to gain that radiant glow that people yearn for. Continue reading

Celebrity Musicians Prepare for the Grammys

As fans around the world prepare for an exciting Grammy Award show on February 10th, by setting the timers on their TVs, celebrities have been preparing for the event for months. They must have the right outfit, hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, and so on, to look their best for the big gala. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg because the Grammys are huge to celebrities, and all eyes will be upon them as they walk down the red carpet.

All of us want to look our best, and the celebrities that are prized as the pinnacle of aesthetics are no different. While different celebs take the red carpet this Sunday for the Grammys, a number of them will have used cosmetic treatments in order to gain tighter stomachs, firmer skin, and clear pores. Whether it is a singer or an actor or a model or an athlete, you may be surprised who is willing to go under the knife for better features. Continue reading

Laser Resurfacing Emerges as Primary Damaged Skin Treatment

Dr. Simon Ourian performing laser skin resurfacing treatmentAdvances in medical technology have made cosmetic surgery more accessible, convenient and safe for millions across the globe. California has made its name on the global stage as one of the front-runners in the cosmetic surgery market. Today, many people opt for laser resurfacing treatment. This provides them with a relatively quick and painless method to achieve lasting changes in their appearance. Continue reading

5 Non-Surgical Techniques for Effective Breast Scar Removal

For a woman, her self-confidence can be made or broken by her general appearance. One of the body parts which women feel self-conscious about is their breasts. Scars caused by breast reduction/enlargement operations or other forms of surgery can be an embarrassing nuisance for women, however, with cosmetic medicine reaching new heights daily, getting rid of scars is possible through non-surgical breast scar removal techniques. Continue reading

Laser Lip Treatment

Why do people get lip enhancement? Well, for a very basic reason: because our lips start to get thinner and smaller with age and they don’t seem to be where or how they should be. Yet, lip enhancement is as much popular in young people as it is in older ones. Luscious, pouty lips are the symbol of modern day beauty. Among all the other lip enhancement treatments, Laser Lip treatment is getting equally favorable among the celebrities as well other common people. Several other options for lip enhancement surgeries are also available but laser is safer, more reliable and it lasts much longer. Continue reading

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

The rebellious rock of the 80s and 90s gave a modern pop culture spot to the ancient art of tattooing. Almost everyone was seen with a tattoo inspired by their rock bands, cults, action sports superstar or just their loved ones. There is certainly something wild about tattoos that made about 20 million people in the US jump on the bandwagon. But now that most of those wild teenagers have grown up into adult responsible citizens of the society, those tattoos can create a little difficulty in their aim to live a respectable life. Continue reading

Jowl Treatments

A perfect face cut is like a perfect canvas. Naturally we all have face cuts which perfectly compliment our natural features. What gives us this perfect cut is our jaw line—a tight, firm, sharp jaw line indeed. Yet, as we age, the skin around our jaw line begins to sag and droop down. Even after a forehead or eyebrow lift, our age is quite identifiable by the loose saggy skin hanging down the jowls. The reason behind this sagging and loosening of skin is mainly the skin’s elasticity factor. Our skin loses its elasticity as the production of collagen slows down with age. With the lack of elasticity to hold it there, the gravitational pull makes it droop downwards. One more reason behind early loosening of jowl skin is the constant movement of the jaw line. We all need to eat and we all need to talk. Well, most of us are doing either or both at any given time. This constant movement results in loose jowl skin. Continue reading

Mini Facelift

A lady’s worst nightmare besides someone asking her age is probably people not having to even ask her age. When we reach our 30s, the skin begins to speak for itself. Besides aging there are several other factors that affect our skin and add many years to it. The skin loses its elasticity, the neck muscles get weaker and consequently the skin is lose and wrinkly. But the desire to look younger never seems to age in both women and men equally. Cosmetic surgery is one really efficient way to reduce the signs of aging. One preferable option for anti aging wrinkle treatment is the Mini Facelift. Continue reading

Mole Removal on Face

A mole is a dark spot on our body or face. If rightly placed and small in size, moles are rightfully called beauty marks as they enhance your beauty. Yet, a big mole on the face is a mark that puts all your beauty in vain. If you have the most perfect eyes, beautiful lips, attractive features, sculpted face and a big ugly mole; the mole alone will grab all of the people’s attention. Along with all the attention, a mole also steals a lot of self-confidence from you. Do you really need to carry it around with you? Continue reading

Laser Hair Removal – Purifying the Way Skin Feels

Who doesn’t want great soft skin that welcomes the touch of a hand? Smooth skin is beauty seen with fingers, so it doesn’t matter if one’s eyes are closed. Being blindfolded won’t matter when it comes to sensing the perfection skin can be given. In Los Angeles, laser hair removal procedures are at their best. Los Angeles laser hair removal techniques are the result of evolution and modification inspired by the pursuit of perfecting methods that bring perfection to skin. If you are in Los Angeles, laser hair removal shouldn’t be an ordeal for you. Continue reading

Face Mole Removal

Almost everybody who has a mole hates it. No matter where it is spotted, people complain of it being on the wrong place. Therefore, almost everyone wants to remove it. Whereas many of them may seem harmless, others may be either benign or malignant tumors in rare cases. Hence, a face mole removal not only aids in enhancing your beauty but can also save you from different health risks. After all, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and live long? Continue reading

Brown Spots on Face

Freckles and dark brown spots on face may be one of the most annoying facial features that you would want to remove as soon as possible. Post pregnancy, sun exposure, aging, liver diseases, hormonal disorder or simply your genetic makeup can trigger brown spots on face. The direct reason, however, behind the brown spots on face is the overproduction of melanin in your skin. This is also trigged by the UV rays of sun that fall on your face making it rough due to the breakage of collagen fibers and elastin. Whatever the reason may be, nobody finds brown spots on face attractive. Continue reading