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Botox – Another Medical Condition Treatable by The Wrinkle-Busting Drug

Botox injectionMany people know that Botox is one of the best treatments available for sagging skin and worry lines, but new research has emerged to suggest that this cosmetics operation has more medical value than previously thought. Jean One woman, a 75-year old retiree from New Jersey suffered from chronic overactive bladder, a condition that kept her constantly on the lookout for the bathroom wherever she went. She recently thought that she was unable to participate in group activities with friends and family on account of a condition that effectively forced her to stay in close proximity to the nearest facilities. Then she found out how Botox does more than treat wrinkles. Continue reading

Botox – “The Fonz, ” Henry Winkler Raises Awareness for Botox Therapy to Relieve Muscle Spasticity

middle aged womanMost people will probably remember Henry Winkler for his iconic role as the ‘Fonz’ in the 1970s American sitcom ‘Happy Days’. While the actor has enjoyed success away from that particular TV classic too, he recently raised the issue of Botox.

When many people hear a Hollywood star talk about Botox, they immediately assume it must be for reasons of plastic surgery. The train of thought typically assumes that another vain star is ironing out the wrinkles in their face for a heap of money. Continue reading

Skin Care – Stop the Clock, Look Younger Longer

woman with beautiful skinWomen in their twenties or their thirties might already feel the pressure of aging on their skin care and look to a cosmetic solution. The practice of getting better quality skin at a younger age is by no means a new one, but one that health and beauty companies are zeroing in on to gain a larger market share. After all, even younger women are not immune to skin complications that make them yearn for a better look. Continue reading

Skin Fixes at Every Price Level

Various manufacturers of skin care products have come up with a wide range of such products, from expensive doctor’s office treatments to products for use at home, most of these products are readily available on the market today. Read on to learn more about the various skin care options. Continue reading

Botox Treatment for Migraines

Botox injectionMigraines can affect people of all ages. They can strike at any time and last for days. When these headaches occur, a person is likely to enter a dark and quiet room and apply ice to the head. Migraines can make a person withdraw from daily activity. There are numerous remedies that people often try, but these items usually only offer temporary relief. Despite this feeling of hopelessness, there has been a discovery in the cosmetics industry, which may be a more long-term cure. Continue reading

Botox – More Popular than Ever with 20-Somethings

young female getting Botox injectionBotox is considered a staple in today’s anti-aging treatments, but it is actually just one of several products utilizing a very mild form of the botulinum toxin—the same neurotoxic protein that causes life-threatening food poisoning in larger doses. Botox is actually a trade name but the term has been used to refer to products that use the toxin to correct wrinkling. The efficacy of Botox in smoothing out foreheads and laugh lines explains its popularity among men and women in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and even beyond. What is surprising is that Botox is also finding its way in the faces of women in their 20s. Continue reading

Botox – More Men Getting Injections Than Ever Before

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe world economy has taken a turn for the better in the last few years. Among the many industries that have seen an improvement are those that produce automobiles, the retail sector as well as real estate. Aside from those mentioned above, another industry that has been in tremendous demand is that of plastic surgery. Reports suggest that 14.6 million beauty based medical procedures were conducted in the past year. These procedures are by no means budget friendly, but there are more than enough people willing to spend on plastic surgery, Botox treatments and cosmetics.

Increasing number of people going for Botox

People have this inherent desire to look good despite the state of their finances. Recession is something that hasn’t really affected the beauty industry. Some of the most popular demands are non-surgical procedures designed to reduce visual signs of aging in the face.

Botox injections fall in to this category and are in high demand. Across the country, it is by far one of the most popular procedures requested. As per statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox was at its peak demand in the past year with 6.1 million injections administered.

Women aren’t the only ones

Smoothing out wrinkles is a concern among many of today’s men too. Figures show that the number of men using Botox has nearly tripled since 2001, with a 258 percent jump in that frame. This data confirms that Botox is becoming equally acceptable for both women and men.

Men have even coined some new terms for this cosmetic procedure, such as “Brotox” and “Boytox.” Men too have begun to get onto the “looking young” bandwagon. Today, cosmetic doctors claim that as high as 30 percent of their patients are men. This includes both married and unmarried men who would like to look good even while indulging in their rugged activities.

How young does it start?

When questioned, young men say that they would not really consider plastic surgery in their 20s. However, most of them would resort to dying or coloring their hair by the time they hit their 40s if necessary. While many women start getting cosmetic surgical treatments as early as 35, when it comes to men, plastic surgery mainly starts to become a consideration around the age of 60.

Botox – The World’s Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure

No cosmetic procedure receives more attention or sees more doctor visits than Botox, but new concerns are being raised about the safety of injecting the botulinum toxin into one’s face in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. In the past ten years since its legalization, Botox has rapidly become the most popular cosmetics operation, with thousands of women in New Zealand alone getting injections each year — along with an increasing number of men. But is it safe for people to use this toxin, a known poison, in order to get the aesthetics of skin and muscle that they want? Continue reading

Dermal Fillers – Choosing a Doctor

middle aged womanCosmetic physicians perform more treatments with injectable facial fillers than any other procedure except Botox, making them the most popular choices for clients who want to smooth out fine lines. Some report they look years younger after only a few sessions. One of the most common concerns among newcomers is whether their facial features will remain the same, with or without their regular cosmetics. The answer depends on the expertise and experience of the cosmetic Dermatologist; so first-time clients are strongly advised to do their background research. Continue reading

Skin Care – Turn Back the Clock

Epione skin care productsThe nation is becoming obsessed with skin care treatments and cosmetics. Today, many are trying to turn back the clock and reverse the visual signs of aging. Innovative skin care treatments have allowed patients to remove years off of their appearance.

Although no one is interested in “growing old gracefully, ” the thought of having cosmetic surgery can be slightly daunting. Those who have saggy skin, wrinkles and unwelcome laughter lines want to be able to combat the aging process without extensive or invasive procedures. Numerous plastic surgeons and the Dermatologists have developed a wide variety of skin care treatments that can improve the texture, tone, and overall health and appearance of the skin. Continue reading

Botox – Will it Make You Happy?

Botox injectionWhile it is easy to use cosmetics to conceal blemishes and less appealing features on the face, there are various cosmetic procedures that people undergo to enhance their appearance, and consequently experience longer lasting results. One of the most common options is Botulinum toxin, which is commonly known as Botox. People who go for Botox treatment do so in order to deal with issues such as facial lines and crows’ feet, and once they go through the procedure, they achieve a more youthful look. However, this also comes with other affects that may be beneficial or otherwise. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Unlicensed Practitioners

Social norms have grown in such a way that there is an increasing emphasis being placed on good looks and beauty. While some people may be very comfortable with the way they look, many others turn to cosmetic surgery to bring out a look that makes them feel comfortable. The rising demand for surgeons has also provided for the development of a black market for such services. This has resulted in several unnecessary accidents, which have resulted in life-long scarring and in some cases death from medical complications. All this stems from non-licensed cosmetic surgeons performing treatments that are far from standard beauty related techniques. Continue reading

Aging – New Treatments for Looking Younger

agingCosmetic Dermatologists are very successful at treating the effects of aging. Every year, more efficient tools and products are made available to help them treat sagging skin, sunspots, wrinkles, and much more. Here are eight of the best anti-aging treatments. Continue reading

Aging Skin

aging skinMany people may welcome growing older because of the wisdom from one’s wealth of experience that comes with aging, but looking older is another matter. All over the world, people are beginning to undergo a number of treatments, therapies and rituals in order to appear younger, healthier and better looking. This practice that has spawned a billion-dollar beauty industry that includes cosmetics and other products that prevent and repair aging skin. Here is a look at the different treatments available to turn back time: Continue reading

Martha Stewart – Botox and Juvéderm

Celebrities are known for their beauty, even into old age. Aside from plastic surgery, most stars follow a particular beauty routine in order to maintain their appearance. For example, Martha Stewart has recently revealed how she has managed to look and feel good, even at age 71. Continue reading

Oxygen Facials

Promising younger-looking skin, the oxygen facial is treatment being used by a growing number of celebrities. The procedure is performed by an aesthetician that applies a mix of pressurized oxygen and acid, combined with special serums, to the skin of the face.

Unlike Botox, the oxygen facial does not paralyze expression lines and is less painful. Because the oxygen is pressurized, it helps the skin absorb the combined serums that moisturize the face. Continue reading

Lunch Hour Facelifts More Popular than Ever

The face-lift has a long history of being a reliable type of cosmetic procedure that has allowed doctors to repair loose, sagging skin common among aging individuals. Most people usually associate the face-lift procedure with surgery and in fact, a good number of anti-aging treatments of this type still subject patients to going under the knife. For anyone who has always wanted a younger, fresher look, the new lunch-hour face-lift may be the answer. Continue reading