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Never Heard Of Hyaluronic Acid? Before And After Pictures May Help

One of the greatest breakthroughs in cosmetic procedures in recent years has been the development and utilization of hyaluronic acid. Before and after pictures like the ones we have available above can show you the remarkable results that we have been able to achieve by using this new substance in cosmetic procedures. Hyaluronic acid has many advantages over traditional injectable fillers and if you have been considering collagen or an artificial injectable filler I advise you to take a look at these before and after pictures of hyaluronic acid procedures before you make any decisions. Hyaluronic acid used in these before and after pictures has been trademarked under the name Juvederm.

The first thing you need to know about hyaluronic acid is that it is not a chemical used to dissolve or peel in the way that most of us usually think about acids. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in skin all over your body but especially in the skin of your face. Its unique characteristics help it to attract and maintain moisture within the space around the skin cells. This means that in addition to the traditional benefits of fillers, hyaluronic acid, as you can see in these before and after pictures of hyaluronic acid procedures actually hydrates your skin. Not only does this make your skin look healthier it actually increases its volume and density, meaning your skin actually is healthier. Even better, Hyaluronic acid serves an important role in the transport of essential nutrients to the skin’s living cells. As a result, Hyaluronic acid may be the first injectable filler that actually improves and protects the skin it is injected under. You can see this effect for yourself in the before and after pictures of hyaluronic acid procedures that we at Epione of Beverly Hills have provided above.

As you age and your skin is repeatedly exposed to environmental pollutants as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, skin cells will gradually lose their natural ability to produce their own hyaluronic acid. The result of this is that your skin tissue slowly becomes more and more dehydrated and the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin begin to lose their structure. The impact this has on your face is a loss of skin volume. This makes skin more likely to sag, wrinkle, and generally appear aged. You can see the marked difference that Juvederm injections make in these before and after pictures of hyaluronic acid procedures.

So take action today, not only to erase the wrinkles appearing in your face, but to protect the skin you have to help ensure that you are as healthy looking as possible, for as long as possible. Have a look at these before and after pictures of hyaluronic acid procedures and then give us a call to schedule a private consultation with us at Epione of Beverly Hills. Your skin will thank you for it. And that is all the thanks we need.