In the world of Cosmetic surgery, before & after pictures play an important role. Simply discussing results and what we have been able to achieve means nothing if we cannot show it to the world. Nearly all of the patients who have come in for a treatment or aesthetic surgery have been curious about how the procedure changed the way they looked, and we always document this change through the use of before and after pictures.

Let the pictures speak for themselves–below are the top among our sought-after  treatments:



stretch mark removal before and afters dark circles removal before and afters
Stretch Marks Removal Dark Circles Treatment
ultra neck lift before and afters Botox before and afters
Ultra Neck Lift Botox



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Every patient naturally wants to see the improvement that they have gained from the procedure. It means a lot to see with your own eyes that things are moving from a starting point and that through time you are progressing. It is necessary to see improvement to feel a sense of satisfaction with your decision to undergo the procedure. Seeing this improvement has the added benefit of changing for the better how you view your body and overall appearance and will boost your self-esteem greatly.

It is particularly important to people who have never visited a professional surgeon to see the achievements of cosmetic surgery so that they can get a realistic idea of what you can actually expect to gain with a desired aesthetic procedure or Cosmetic surgery. Before & after pictures in our galleries represent our work and progress in different areas of body sculpting and aesthetics.

Blue Light Therapy, for example, is one of the latest advancements in technology and Cosmetic surgery. Before & after pictures of patients treated with this aesthetic procedure will show you how different types of conditions on the skin of the face can be improved. Freckles, unwanted facial spots, acne scars or various vein problems, hyper pigmentation, etc…can all be treated and we can give you great results with this very effective and safe therapy.

When it comes to considering Cosmetic surgery, before & after pictures of various surgical procedures should be something that will interest you very highly. Breast augmentation, implants and lifting are some of the most popular and sought after areas of cosmetic surgery. A consultation with Epione can help you determine what if any procedure is appropriate depending on your actual breast size and shape. We know that above all it is important that your new breasts look natural and fit your body type. By viewing the gallery where breast cosmetic surgery, before & after pictures can be found, you will be able to see what sorts of results you can achieve before actually deciding to undergo a procedure. The results others have had in this particular area can serve you as guidance and motivation in your decision whether or not to undergo a professionally performed high-standard Cosmetic surgery. Before & after pictures found in our gallery, are an easy way of getting familiar with these popular procedures and results one can hope to accomplish.

Another amazing field in aesthetic surgery is the use of laser technology. With this technology breakthrough you can remove unwanted tattoos, facial spots, birthmarks, etc…all with a quick and simple procedure.

Being satisfied with your body, face and skin is an important part of being happy in your everyday life. Improving your looks and working on yourself can bring positive changes into your life. You will find that you respect yourself more and are better able to enjoy life to the fullest. Getting the most from your body and overall appearance will influence your life in a very positive way.

‡Per Allergan Inc.#1 single office provider of Botox in 2007