Skin Care – Answers to Your Sunscreen Questions

sunscreenIt has been said time and again that the most important weapon against any skin problems is for one to have adequate sun protection. Since it is impractical for any person to just stay indoors for most of their life then the easiest, most affordable, and most practical way to get the necessary sun protection is a daily dose of sunscreen. Since there are many different versions and brands of sunscreen vying for consumers’ attention, one may find it confusing and difficult to decide on which one to buy. Here are some answers that consumers need to know about buying the best sunscreen. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – Is Gene Therapy the Future?

Experimental genetic techniques may become the future of reconstructive surgery. It may be used to promote the growth of the tissue to fix various injuries from damaged joint cartilage in people with rheumatoid arthritis to nerves. The June issue of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) contains a review of the recent progress in gene therapy development.

In the last ten years, various researchers have developed gene therapy techniques that look promising. These promote the growth of bone, skin and other tissues, which can be used for reconstructive surgery. However, they still have many trials to overcome before these experimental techniques can be used in an actual operating room. Continue reading

Acne – Is a Cure Around the Corner?

One may be forgiven for thinking that bacteria causes acne or even consider viruses as possible a possible cause. But is acne really caused by bacteria or reactions to the bacteria? Researchers have recently been dedicating their efforts to isolating the causes of acne in an effort to eliminate the pesky condition. Continue reading

Skin Care – Sunscreen Slows Skin Aging

sunscreenA recent study delivered great news for users of anti-wrinkle concoctions and expensive skin serums. Simple SPF 15+ sunscreen can prevent the aging effects of sun exposure and, in some cases, reverse it. These findings will free many from the expense of purchasing pricey skin care products in order to keep their skin looking firm and young.

Researchers studied 900 Australian men and women from 1992 to 1996, splitting them into several groups. One group’s members were told to use SPF 15+ sunscreen at their discretion. Another group was instructed to use the same strength sunscreen on their heads, necks, arms, and hands daily, and to reapply it if they sweated heavily or went swimming. Continue reading

Skin Care – 5 Foods for Younger Skin

younger skinOne should know that what they eat is reflected in how their skin may look. If one wants their skin to glow and still look sweet sixteen in your late 30’s, you should be choosier on the kinds of food you eat.

Not all food makes your skin look young, there are only a few that have such ability, and which one should consider incorporating into their daily diet. The following are five foods for skin care, which will make the skin look younger: Continue reading

Skin Care – Daily Sunscreen Use Slows Skin Aging

sunscreenMillions of people apply sunscreen to their skin every day. The ritual protects against skin cancer, and prevents sunburn as well. A new study conducted by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at the University of Queensland now reveals that daily application of sunscreen can dramatically reduce the effects of aging skin. This aging process is known as photo-aging. It’s important to note that sunscreen is beneficial even if one starts applying in it middle age. Continue reading

The Latest Weight Loss Surgeries

Most of the side effects from weight reduction surgery are moderate, although all of the cosmetics operations have some risk. According to the FDA, over 90% of patients, who had the same moderately invasive lap band surgery that Chris Christie (the New Jersey Governor) disclosed he had in February, claimed they suffered at least one side effect. Nonetheless, the US Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Society monitors emerging weight reduction treatments; some that might eventually offer a realistic alternative to risky plastic surgery. Continue reading

Skin Fixes at Every Price Level

Various manufacturers of skin care products have come up with a wide range of such products, from expensive doctor’s office treatments to products for use at home, most of these products are readily available on the market today. Read on to learn more about the various skin care options. Continue reading

Cultural Attitudes and the Ideal Face

Korean womanMany Korean women are unhappy with their appearance because it does not fit in with their society’s view of beauty. For this reason, more and more people with this cultural background are undergoing plastic surgery. The most common procedures being performed on faces are nose jobs and eyelid surgeries. These are two areas of the face that cannot be altered with mere cosmetics. Here is a look at other ways that Korean women are searching to find ideal beauty. Continue reading

A Guide to Skin Protection

tanningPeople tend to frequent the parks right after winter to get a feel of the warm sun that comes with spring. Although many people enjoy the end of winter, to some, it is the beginning of another journey. There are some people whose relationship with the sun changes when they have to use sunscreen lotion all over their bodies to protect their skin from ultra violet rays.

It is not just a few people whose skin is susceptible to sun burns that have to glow from head to toe, but everybody who cares about their skin and wants to prevent cancer. A number of people schedule routine visits to Dermatologists and find that everything is okay, until that dreadful moment when they find out that a sample patch from their skin tested positive for Melanoma. Continue reading

Botox Treatment for Migraines

Botox injectionMigraines can affect people of all ages. They can strike at any time and last for days. When these headaches occur, a person is likely to enter a dark and quiet room and apply ice to the head. Migraines can make a person withdraw from daily activity. There are numerous remedies that people often try, but these items usually only offer temporary relief. Despite this feeling of hopelessness, there has been a discovery in the cosmetics industry, which may be a more long-term cure. Continue reading

Botox – More Popular than Ever with 20-Somethings

young female getting Botox injectionBotox is considered a staple in today’s anti-aging treatments, but it is actually just one of several products utilizing a very mild form of the botulinum toxin—the same neurotoxic protein that causes life-threatening food poisoning in larger doses. Botox is actually a trade name but the term has been used to refer to products that use the toxin to correct wrinkling. The efficacy of Botox in smoothing out foreheads and laugh lines explains its popularity among men and women in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and even beyond. What is surprising is that Botox is also finding its way in the faces of women in their 20s. Continue reading

The Long-Term Benefits of Sunscreen

Many celebrities and models admit that their number one beauty secret is to wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen has long been the advice of many mothers, but there really is more to wearing sunscreen than a lot of people give thought to. Sunscreen use is important, and not just on sunny and warm days. Continue reading

Botox – More Men Getting Injections Than Ever Before

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe world economy has taken a turn for the better in the last few years. Among the many industries that have seen an improvement are those that produce automobiles, the retail sector as well as real estate. Aside from those mentioned above, another industry that has been in tremendous demand is that of plastic surgery. Reports suggest that 14.6 million beauty based medical procedures were conducted in the past year. These procedures are by no means budget friendly, but there are more than enough people willing to spend on plastic surgery, Botox treatments and cosmetics.

Increasing number of people going for Botox

People have this inherent desire to look good despite the state of their finances. Recession is something that hasn’t really affected the beauty industry. Some of the most popular demands are non-surgical procedures designed to reduce visual signs of aging in the face.

Botox injections fall in to this category and are in high demand. Across the country, it is by far one of the most popular procedures requested. As per statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox was at its peak demand in the past year with 6.1 million injections administered.

Women aren’t the only ones

Smoothing out wrinkles is a concern among many of today’s men too. Figures show that the number of men using Botox has nearly tripled since 2001, with a 258 percent jump in that frame. This data confirms that Botox is becoming equally acceptable for both women and men.

Men have even coined some new terms for this cosmetic procedure, such as “Brotox” and “Boytox.” Men too have begun to get onto the “looking young” bandwagon. Today, cosmetic doctors claim that as high as 30 percent of their patients are men. This includes both married and unmarried men who would like to look good even while indulging in their rugged activities.

How young does it start?

When questioned, young men say that they would not really consider plastic surgery in their 20s. However, most of them would resort to dying or coloring their hair by the time they hit their 40s if necessary. While many women start getting cosmetic surgical treatments as early as 35, when it comes to men, plastic surgery mainly starts to become a consideration around the age of 60.

Are UV Rays Addictive?

tanning on the beachEven though sun damage is dangerous, people consistently decide to turn to tanning beds for a bronzed appearance. There are a great number of skin care products that line store shelves. Cosmetics, including bronzers, have been created to achieve a sun kissed look without the damaging effects. Recent times have also seen a growing trend toward pale skin as well. Despite these facts, a great number of people cannot get out of the tanning habit. This is because UV rays may be addictive. Continue reading

Is Social Media Driving Demand for Plastic Surgery?

plastic surgery and social mediaSocial media was once home to the anonymous. One could be whomever or whatever they chose to be, and remain hidden behind a screen name and keyboard. Then came sites like Facebook, where posting pictures and commenting on other people’s images instantly became part of the fun. Many quietly spy on their peers and betters in this online realm, where sourcing photos on Google took scant milliseconds. Continue reading