Financing a Rhinoplasty

When you go in for a rhinoplasty evaluation, you always wonder what the overall cost is going to be and whether or not you can pay for it. Fortunately there exists financing for cosmetic surgery offered either by the surgeon himself, a bank loan or a credit card loan. There are always payment options for you to consider so that you can have your nose job done. Some insurance companies will pay an amount toward your rhinoplasty. Check with the insurance company to find out what they pay for.

Financing the Cost of your Nose Surgery

The cost of a rhinoplasty can be considerable, depending on the amount of surgery you need to have done. These are the things you need to know before asking someone about getting your nose surgery financed. One choice for financing can be making installment payments to your surgeon through a special in-house monitoring program. You can get a line of credit as well, through companies that are in the business of making loans for people having surgical procedures.

Will my Insurance cover for the Procedure?

Insurance may cover for a rhinoplasty if you have breathing problems that are affected by your nose and the shape it is in. You may get partial coverage in other cases. The surgery may cover only that portion that will help you breathe better but not the portion that helps your nose look better. Check with your doctor and with the insurance company to see what is covered and what isn’t covered.

Applying for financing for the Rhinoplasty

Talk to the surgery staff or the surgeon himself about what kinds of financing options are available to you for your rhinoplasty. Most clinics of this type know a lot about financing for plastic surgery procedures and can help you out with what you need to know as far as doing the financing. Hopefully you will get preapproved right away and won’t have to delay the procedure for lack of funding.

Finding a local Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Get references from people you know or use the yellow pages to search for facial plastic surgeons. You can also do a search engine search and look at web pages to see what kinds of plastic surgeons are available. Visit with the plastic surgeon and find out about what he or she will do for you.